100% Natural - International Ecological Cartoon Contest


International Cartoon Exhibition - "100% Natural" and also The International Ideas and Essays Contest - "Exercices with Nature" are the two artistic creation themes through which GEC Bucovina attracts the atention constantly about abuses in witch is forced in every second the environment.  

     "Defend the Nature even nobody sees you" project that united the contests is a realization with mondial echo's by its aim, environment protection throgh image and words.

Even from begining the objectives were clear:

    understanding of Suceava county and not only, like natural resources conservation in clean condintion,
    inalterabled by the human negligence, enhance habitants life quality through turists number growth,
    fonds reduction intended for the cleaning activities, zonal prosperity, a high level of public sanity.

  • TRASH QUANTITY REDUCTION THROWNED THROUGH NEGLIENCE in montan tourism, of the short cookouts,
    of the week-end excursions, public places, streets, parks, etc. ;

     2006 Edition, bring back to life the association spirit to a reiteration through high quality cartoon works like the rain drops a high density works from the cartoonist from all over the world

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Ecological International Cartoon Contest
"100% Natural"
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     During the 7th and the 13th of May 2007 Bucharest’s InfoEUROPA Centre (Calea Victoriei, nr. 88, sector 1) is hosting the 100% International Ecological Cartoon Contest, organized by Suceava’s GEC Bucovina non-governmental organization [ ... more ... ]

    2003 Edition, meaned already GEC cimentation in the fight vanguard group for o healty Nature, and not through punishment or pecuniar, but again through plastic wish exprimation that every one of us to become a citizen with civic spirit, a fighter among the many for a clean future in a natural environment 100%
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    2002 Edition, the one that marked the begining of this form of fight against society degradation behaviour, was the alarm signal about the consequences witch the next generations will have to suport, in case that the responsable autorities togheter with the ecologist organizations and every one of us, won't begin to understand that every absurd gest, that invites enviorement alteration, the sum of those get to planetary disaster. Towards our rejoice, the ecologists, more and more signifiant litlle steps beganed and are doing every day.
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