Ecological Group for Co-operation - GEC Bucovina is a nongovernmental association, scientific, specializated, non-profit, independent, nonpatrimonial, with juridic personality, established in year 1997 which has the scope to protect nature through promotion of actions and socio-economic founded projects for human-nature equilibrium.

          Even from founding it was remarked like an important presence in north area of Romanian through competence, interdisciplinary co-operation in ecological problems, active co-operation with local, national and international groups and officialities, which applies an ecological politics, in sense of a complex activities approach and contradiction solution between the enviornment created by human and natural habitat.
Through the hole activity period, the organisation had in its view that, through a complet information, pertinent and competent, to prevent nature degradation by exclusively profit oriented initianives.

          The organization mission is to promote  interdisciplinary colaboration in enviornmental problems through:

    • interest growing an civil society involvement in decizions about enviornment problems solution;
    • consultance in enviornment problems and ecologic expertise;
    • cultural and natural capital damage warning;
    • enviornmental conflicts mediation;
    • stientific manifestations organization to offer the initiatives environment and debates
      specific for competency domain;
    • technical-scientific works editation for information, assistency, evaluation in competency domains.

          High grade complexity projects, had implied, besides the 14 hired staff, 145 titular members and over 1200 organization volunteers (universitary didactic staff, environmental experts, researchers, teachers, physicians, jurists, engineers, faculty and high school students from Bucharest, Iasi, Suceava, asn.)

           Until now, the organization had received finances from the European Union, the Mondial Bank, the Soros Foundation, the Civil Society Development Foundation, the Education and Research Ministry, the European Environment Bureau, Environment Fond Administration, the European Delegation at Bucharest and particular donators.

Even from founding, GEC Bucovina has opted for an eficient cooperation with environment partners, not only from Romania but also from other countries.

           Begining with 2003 year, GEC Bucovina has began quality assurance system implementation for its members. The necesary documentation for this activity includes: quality manual, instructions and necesary forms for the appliance of ISO 9001:2000.

           International activity was widely ilustrated in press, contributing in an substantial way of the organization international recognition.

           In the 2003 year, Ecologic Association Group of Colaboration - GEC Bucovina has become member of the European Environmental Bureau from Bruxelles, beeing one of the three romanian organizations which has this quality.

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