Introductory seminar for the LIFE project LIFE07 ENV/RO/000690, entitled

"Applying the principles of the industrial ecosystems for the regional development - ECOREG.


The project is co-financed by the European Commission within the LIFE 2007-2013 program for supporting policies and legislation for the environment.

The event took part, along with the project team (Ministry of Environment, Syergies International Limited, National Institute of Research and Development for Industrial Ecology ECOIND Bucharest, GEC Bucovina Association Suceava), individuals and companies interested in this new approach to economic activity, as  the concept of "Industrial symbiosis" is a new one in Romania.

This workshop was an introductory overview of the ECOREG project of its major objectives and the means to achieve them.




Introductory seminar continued with a train session of the project team by the two ISL experts (James and Paul Woodcock knuckle) present at the event, session organized in the meeting room of the Gloria hotel regarding the next phase of the project.



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