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Mr. Stavros Dimas urges EU states to consult on water plans


Environment commissioner Stavros Dimas has urged all EU states to start  consultations on management plans for Europe’s river basins, due to be  issued by the end of 2009.

Speaking at the European Water Conference in Brussels on Thursday, Mr  Dimas said some countries were neglecting consultations, which were a  crucial element of the EU’s 2000 water framework directive. The European  commission’s first implementation report on the law painted a negative  picture two years ago (EE 23/03/07 <>).

Under the directive, river basin management plans should set out action  to achieve water quality goals, report on water pricing and support  effective planning. According to Mr Dimas, the plans are “vital if we  are to face up to the many challenges that will put pressure on water  availability and quality in the future”.

The head of the European Environment Agency told ENDS last month that  climate change was making the need for strategic, long-term management  of water resources more acute (EE 20/03/09

Mr Dimas's speech

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