March 2009

Waste strategy



Position paper on Biowaste Green Paper finalized!


Finally we finalized the EEB position paper which is now available for download on the EEB website. Thank you all for your contribution!

In short, the EEB will promote an EU biowaste directive that:

    1. Establish the guiding principle that biowaste should not be landfilled or incinerated
    2. Promote home composting as a locally-based waste prevention measure
    3. Promote separate collection of biowaste and biological treatment of biowaste through a combination of anaerobic digestion and composting wherever possible
    4. Establish binding targets in the form of minimized organic content in residual waste before further treatment (kg/person/year) with a view to drive both prevention and separate collection
    5. Define consistent limit values for high-quality composted materials to be considered as products, establishing separate collection as a prerequisite.


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