March 2009

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Labelling of foodstuff containing mercury in relation to the Environment Committee’s report on the EC proposed regulation on the provision of food information to consumers


Currently the EU regulation on food information to consumers is being revised. On the 16 February and on the 16 March there were discussions in the Environment, Public health and Food safety (ENVI) committee in the EU parliament concerning labelling of foodstuff.
EEB supports the need for labelling of meat of large predatory fish and foodstuffs containing meat from certain fish species in relation to their mercury content. The label would advice vulnerable groups, so that they have the opportunity to reduce their methylmercury intake in order to avoid any impairment to their health. EEB has sent comments to the Environment Committee on the issue and followed the
http://zeromercury/EU_developments/090313EEB_Fish_labelling_letter_ENVI.pdfOn the last meeting it was concluded that, due to the large amount of amendments, the discussion about food packages in the committees of the European Parliament is now postponed to after the election in June and the rapporteur will submit a new report. We will follow up on this issue and try to ensure that the mercury related amendment is included in the new report.


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