Project Code: LIFE07 ENV/RO/000690

Title:  Application of industrial ecosystems principles to regional development - ECOREG


Acronym: ECOREG

Project Description:
The project aims to test in Romania the concept of "industrial symbiosis", successfully implemented by a government programm in the UK(National Industrial Symbiosis Programme).
"Industrial symbiosis" is based on the principle of symbiosis in natural systems, through the waste recovery and secundary products resulted from a production cycle in another cycle, thereby reducing the quantities of raw materials used in industry and the recovery of waste/ secondary products.
It proposes a new way of looking at economic activity in which concerns for the environment (so expensive) are transformed into opportunities, profits and benefits (including materials), through coordinated action, concerted, of several economic operators and local communities. It aims at an increased efficiency in the use of materials and energy.
These actions could help to maintain jobs and economic development of a sustainable environmental protection, because it proposes to identify new directions of action to improve business performance and industry.
Through this pilot project be taken into account and assess in Romania of a future program suitability of industrial symbiosis, nationwide.
Consortium implementation:
Ministry of Environment (beneficiary coordinator),
International Synergies Ltd. UK (beneficiary partner),
INCD ECOIND Bucharest (beneficiary partner),
Ecological Group for Collaboration GEC Bucovina (beneficiary partner).

Project value: 3.258.590 lei (880,700,00 euro)

Sources of funding
LIFE+ Community Program : 41,48%;
Government of Romania (national co-financing): through the Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Economy: 39 %;
Partner Contributions: 19,52%

Project Stage:

    • Request for funding was approved in LIFE + Committee Meeting of 28 July 2008
    • This is one of the fourth LIFE + projects approved by the COM for Romania for 2008 session and is the first LIFE project laid-down by the Ministry of Environment as a coordinator.
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