Let’s protect the trees of Bucovina

The project is financed by the Environment Fund Administration and takes place in August 2007- July 2008.

The main project objectives are public education and awareness concerning environmental protection, and the importance of biodiversity conservation through maintenance of the natural protected areas in a general environmental strategy.

Specific project objectives are:
-children and youth role strengthening in sustainable development actions, the way it is defined in the 27 principles of the Rio Declaration;
-promotion of education, public awareness and training when talking about the environment;
-becoming informed in order to take local action decisions;
-protection of natural environmental compounds;
-“passport” release for the remarkable trees from the Suceava district.

The target group the project addresses is represented by pupils from the schools of Suceava. The decision to address this segment was taken because children and young people are directly involved recipients, all-important for the future model of environmentally informed and responsible citizens. They will receive the pride of living in a clean place, with a biological diversity known and recognized in the larger European family.

The beneficiaries of the project are local communities that will apply the ecological message of the project, and will profit from the realized improvement of tourism for their locality.

The 6th Action Program for Environment (2001-2010), also called “Our Choice, Our Future”, has identified four major areas that define the vectors of the environmental policy.  Among these are nature protection and biodiversity. These have the objectives of removing the threats to endangered species and enhancing their environmental life in Europe. Thus, the project “Let’s protect the trees of Bucovina” is a part of the European common effort of identifying the problems concerning natural environment protection and the presentation of the measures for solving these problems.

The flora and fauna of Suceava district offers a matchless beauty and attractiveness. The preponderance of vegetation is given over to forests, which occupy over 52% of the surface area of the district, with a composition consisting of 79.4% resinous and 20.6% leafy. In Suceava district there are 2 national parks and 22 natural reservations, as well as examples of protected trees: the Oak from Cajvana, the red Beech from Suceava, the Himalayan Pine from Campulung Moldovenesc, the Oak from Botosana (planted by Steven the Great), Edible Chestnut and Secular Pear Tree from Ilisesti, lancinilat Alder from Vatra Dornei, Ginko Bilboa from Scheia, Calafindesti and Siret.

The project will set a methodological basis for the establishment of the remarkable trees. This “passport” will have as content: general data about the protected area, scientific information, and a scheme map for locating the remarkable trees. This information is necessary in order to elaborate the action plans for biodiversity conservation.  Without such plans, damaging actions can be done, and in many cases can lead to disappearance of some rare plant population and animals. In order to eliminate these difficulties, biodiversity stocktaking is proposed from the analysed area, in order to make evident the valuable elements from the protected areas. By passport release of the protected area, optimized actions will be taken for biodiversity conservation.

Gathered and processed information under the shape of the “passport” will be largely presented in an information-education campaign.

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