The general objective of the project is derived from the objectives of the Neighborhood Programme PHARE CBC 2004, personalized for Measure 3.1 - “PEOPLE TO PEOPLE” ACTIONS - Joint Small Project Fund and is formulated as it follows:

The stimulation of the closeness between people and communities, through bilateral contacts during some event-activities, developed especially with the young people, on both sides of the Romanian-Ukrainian border and the promotion of the knowledge, mutual esteem and the care for the natural environment, in the spirit of the local sustainable development through cooperation, peace and cordial neighborhood.

Specific objectives:
- The organization of some events with quarterly frequency, alternatively on both sides of the Romanian-Ukrainian border, during the project for the promotion of the sustainable development through overborder Romanian-Ukrainian cooperation in the environment protection field, The Ecologist Caravan “The Green Week”;
- The stimulation of understanding and respect of the differences and diversities (ethnic, cultural, religious, sexual etc.), through the emphasis of the mutual desires, needs and problems, during the bilateral contacts of the members of the collectivities, especially the young people;
- The promotion of the concern about the quality of the natural environment, its protection, as a premise for the local sustainable development;

Partener for the project is the nongovernmental organization « BUKVITSA » from Cernauti, Ucraina and associated organizations are: Regional Agency for Environment, Cernauti, Town-hall Radauti, Vicovu de Sus, Galanesti si Bilca, Association for Cultural-Scientific Education « ESTICA » from Suceava.

The target group group which this project addresses is represented by the youngmen who live in the locations denoted as project implementation area, namely the settlements placed in Suceava county, near the border with Ukraine (Suceava and Radauti towns, Vicovu de Sus city, Galanesti and Bilca communes from Suceava county – Romania and Cernauti town from Ukraine) .

The direct beneficiaries are the youngmen from the towns and communes identified as the project implementation area, and the indirect ones are the local communities from the project implementation area, which will practicly apply the message for sustainable development through overborder cooperation.

The expected results are:
- The organization of some groups of project support, in all the settlements which signed association agreements and in others attracted later in the project;
- Materials for promoting the message of this action in three languages;
- Thematic events (4), organized with trimestrial frequency, alternatively on each side of the border, in The Ecologist Caravan "The Green Week" (ecologist actions with bilateral participation, itinerary show rooms with ecologist cartoons, varnishings, lectures, debates, round tables, book launches);
- Informational portal in three languages "TransEco", for information, communication, on-line discussions (forum).

Main activities:
- The official start of the action; [ ... more ... ]
- Defining of the measures specific to the target group and implementation area;
- The realisation of the tools for encouraging the contacts and communication;
- Organization for the events of the educational program for the environment protection "The Green Week"; [ ... more ... ]
- GEC Bucovina volunteers at the ecologist march "One day without the car!"; [ ... more ... ]
- Realization of the informational portal "TransEco" (communication, on-line forum);
- Workshop for the results dissemination.
- Three languages presentation material for The Ecologist Caravan "The Green Week" [ ... download ...]

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