Titlu:   Partnerships for Zero-Waste Industrial Activities - PAZEWAIA, DACHI-2013/108275

Project General Objective
Establish an industrial ecosystem in local communities where technologies will be aligned to Best Available Technologies and unused or residual resources of one company are used by another, resulting in mutual economic, social and environmental benefits both for the companies and the community.
Specific objective(s):
Assessing the Inventory of wastes and any other resources available in the Focal Zones that can be reinserted in the economic cycle.
Generating, together with managers, options for Cleaner Production, reducing, in this way, the amount of waste that should be cared for.
Generating symbiotic business partnerships in the Focal Zone (Norwegian Business partnerships with Romanian Companies, very encouraged), for adding value to available resources (wastes, production capacities, laboratories, experts, transport facilities, training capabilities, workshops not used, etc.) and for reducing the need of virgin resources, fossil fuels and the environmental footprint of economic activities in the Focal Zones.
Establish use of an internet based tool for increased local resources utilization. Norwegian Partner expected to insert data from Norwegian Companies.
Increase territorial cohesion in Focal Zones and collaboration with Norwegian partners and experts in all perspectives of sustainability by transfer of scientific, technical, economic, environmental know-how.
Project Beneficiaries:
Industrial companies (especially SMEs) in the Focal Zone that will reduce resource consumption, environmental footprint and will enhance the technical profile of their businesses.
Communities that will beneficiate form a cleaner environment (high quality waters, cleaner air, reduced landfill areas, etc.).
Local work force that will provide specialists and workers for the jobs created during symbiotic partnership or for Cleaner Production option implementation.
Local Administration that will see solutions for their environmental and social problems emerging from managers initiatives.
Local experts, specialists that will acquire an invaluable experience for problem solving by cooperating and working together.
Manager-to-manager connections, company-to-company cooperation, expert-to-expert information exchange will add an important intangible value to the Project, creating long-lasting relations that will generate future business ideas for joint ventures.
Romanian (/and Norwegian) Companies interested in joint-ventures and collaboration, once they have learnt (due to Project dissemination activities) about potential partnerships.
Asociatia Grupul Ecologic de Colaborare Bucovina Suceava (GEC Bucovina) and International Development Norway AS Project satatus:

  • Implementation period of the project July 2014 - April 2016.
  • Duration: 22 months

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