PROMPCParticipation of Romanian research in international scientific partnerships for the promotion of clean production models,

Program CORINT
Contract 100 / 06.08.2006
Contracting Authority: National Center for Management Programe
Development period: August 2006 - May 2008

Research Program of Excellence; CEEX 2006 will increase the compatibility and competitiveness of Romanian research to integrate into the European research and training future participation in FP7. In thic context, the project proposalProMPC align requirements increase by disseminating large degree of assimilation. application and development of knowledge, services and technologies, the Romanian economic environment to meet development and international competition. Drafting team proposes the development of multiplication CNPC,   in order to transfer ideas and scientific solutions to social and economic environment of the approaching EU requirements and regulations.European Union. Project activities and actions supporting capacity building project partner organizations and those attracted to participate in international programs of cooperation advanced scientific, techical and technological. Team aims to strengthen the position and appearance of CDI Romanian institutions in promoting cleaner production concept, in the European and international networks (CNPC, EEB, ERA-Net s.a.).

Particular objective of the project is to develop methodological and conceptual support activities and sectors Romanian necessary connection to the global movementcleaner production , by broad dissemination and public awareness on eco-efficient strategies for continuous development in to improve environmental performance in line with regional, national and sectoral. It will disseminate new practices based on scientific knowledge advanced, environmentally sustainable, as a requirement of promoting sustainable development.

Project activities include: organizing the project team's visit to EEB (Brussels), establishing international contacts cleaner production , organizareawork-shops and conference with international participation "CleanProd-2007", the sessions to disseminate knowledge "ProMPC " (8 regions), development of CNPC - node "clean production EU Borders " network organizing local / regional multipliers for newly created node, writing" Guide accessing international funds. "

Proposal presentation (Technical Offer) - English or here

Session ProMPC - Central Regional Development Board

Session ProMPC - North-East Regional Development Board

Session ProMPC - Bucharest-Ilfov Regional Development Board

Session ProMPC - West Regional Development Board

Session ProMPC - South-East Regional Development Board

Session ProMPC - South-West Regional Development Board

Session ProMPC - North-West Regional Development Board

Session ProMPC - South Regional Development Board

Project team visited European Environmental Bureau - EEB

Project summary

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