The general object of the project is derived from the programme objects and it is the following: The sensitive-making and the active information of the young people from the Suceava county localities placed near the Ukraine border, European Union border, about the european integration, the process of adhering and its impact, through the european information fitting to the needs and perception specific to the young people and the area they live, the stimulation of public debates and the ensurance of some lasting information and communication channels.

Specific onjects: The activ media assault of youngmen from the near the border localities of Suceava county, where the information reaches difficultly. This will be realised this way:
- The project proposes an information campaign adjusted to to all the young people from the implementation area, the preparation level and the environment in which they live (urban, rural). At least 5,000 youngmen from the implementation area (1 town, 2 cities and 3 communes from the Suceava border area) will be involved;
- Through the direct information transmission, using elements of visual and verbal communication like: panels, posters, folders, conference, information portal, moderated discussion forum, the project proposes an extensive campaign for the promotion of the European Union values concerning its institutions, the overborder cooperation, sustainable development, environment protection, people and goods flow, interculturality, tolerance. For an efficient informing, the project proposes the information filtration and conversion adjusted to the direct perception capacity of the youngmen from the Schengen border area;
- Through its objects, the project aims the consolidation of the youngmen involved in the project's activities capacity of using the received information, of accessing other financing programmes and of supporting the european thematic communication even after the adhering time;
- Another object is developing a participative attitude at the youngmen from the implementation area communities, through their direct involving, in the supporting groups, in the maintaining of the projects activities.

In the realization of these objects, the GEC Bucovina Association is supported by more institutions of local public administration from the Suceava county border area, teaching units, military and frontier police. Theese have the project associate title.

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