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Partnerships for Zero-Waste Industrial Activities - PAZEWAIA ,July 2014 – April 2016

A bottom – up approach to the implementation of Europe 2020 Strategy and Innovation Norway framework for Green Industry innovation Programme.

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Application of industrial ecosystems principles to regional development - ECOREG,01.02.2009 – 01.10.2011

The project is co-financed by European Commission and aims to test in Romania, Suceava, the concept of "industrial symbiosis", successfully implemented by a government programm in the UK(National Industrial Symbiosis Programme).

Consortium implementation:
Ministry of Environment (beneficiary coordinator),
International Synergies Ltd. UK (beneficiary partner),
INCD ECOIND Bucharest (beneficiary partner),
Ecological Group for Collaboration GEC Bucovina (beneficiary partner).
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Clean Water, October, 18th, 2007 - October, 17th, 2008
The project it is financed through the programme Romania - Ukrain good co-operation in the nearby border areas,
PHARE CBC 2005 - 3rd priority: "people to people",
Project partner: Nongouvernamental organisation "BUKVITSA", Cernăuţi, Ukrain.
Project afiliate: The Mayer of Gălăneşti Village, Suceava Countz, Romania.
Under development
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Let’s protect the trees of Bucovina, August 2007 - July 2008
The project is financed by the Fund Administration for Environment and its general objective is public education and awakening concerning the environment’ s protection, the importance of biodiversity’s conservation, through sustaining of the natural protected areas, in the general environmental strategy.
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European values for the young people near the frontiers, 2006 - 2007
The european specific information, through the development of a concrete imagfe of the european integration, fitted to the specific of the target group (youngmen) and the implementation area (localities at the border of Romania and Ukraine) and tools development in an innovative program for the promotion of european values of cooperation and sustainable development, interculturality and ethnic identity, european institutions, flow, dialog and tolerance. The project is financed by the European Union Representant in Romania, through the Microprojects Programme "Europe Fund"; in implementation now.
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The Ecologist Caravan ”The Green Week” - Project for the promotion of the sustainable development through Romanian-Ukrainian overboder cooperation in the environment protection field, 2006 - 2007
The stimulation of the closeness between people and communities, through bilateral contacts during some event-activities, developed especially with the young people, on both sides of the Romanian-Ukrainean border and the pomotion of the knowledge, mutual esteem and the care for the natural environment, in the spirit of the local sustainble development through cooperation, peace and cordial neigbourhood. [ ... more ... ]

PROMPCParticipation of Romanian research in international scientific partnerships for the promotion of clean production models, 2006 – 2008
Degree of competitivity and compatibility growth of Romanian researchers included in the project, with the scope of integration in the international research area, consolidation of position and international visibility of the organizations involved with the project by means of promoting the modern concept of Clean Production to protect nature and conserve resources. [ ... more ... ]

PROMPC project presentation [ ... more ... ]

SEMNALBucovina between acquis and praxis – signal project for the implementation of community acquis, regarding environment protection, 2006 – 2007
Unblocking of thought mechanisms oriented on personal welfare regardless of implications and the change in polarity of civic consciousness, using surprise elements, simple and relevant arguments during a media “assault”, complex social dialogue based both on scientific, technical and methodological arguments as well as civic and socio-cultural elements of media direct impact. [ … more …]

July 2006 - eco-GENETICS Projects of valorification publishes online the ecogenetic informations, for ecological agriculture systems suitable for the north Romanian zone.

>>> august - december 2003 -
he local intervention force
The creation and development of an civil voluntary Center of Colaboration GEC Bucovina Ecological Group, for the protection of the urban environment of the agressions made by neglience, through industrial trash abandon, in the locality and in the zone.

>>> september 2002 - June 2004 -
Ecological and economic valorification of the agro-zootechnic refutes through biotechnologies transfer for used waters purification.

>>> TRANSECO - International simpozion for near border colaboration.

2002, 2003, [NEW] 2006
Ecological cartoons international salon 100% Natural
Ecological Essays international salon
through Suceava county population understanding and not only, like maintaining the natural resources in clean state, nonaltered by human neglience, increases habitatnts life quality through turists number growth, the reduction of fonds destinated cleaning activities, zonal prosperity, high level of public sanity.

>>> Scientific workshops with parteners from the Republic of Moldova and Ukrain

>>> Bucovina Cultural Center

>>> Ecological education in schools and high schools

>>> Cleaning and defending actions of some poluted zones

>>> Cartoon salon with the echologic thematic RICANA '99

>>> Editation of books, magazines, banners, placards with ecological impulses.

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